Panheads in the movies: part 2

Harley’s have been in the movies since there have been movies. Panheads have been in thousands of movies and television series. I have been collecting stills of Harley’s from movies for quite awhile thought I would share some. Here is part 2.

Alfred Hitchcock presents, T.V. series 1955-1962 Episode. 5.21 “Hitch Hike” aired  21 Feb. 1960. Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide.

Hitch Hike

Anne has just been acquitted in court and her uncle, Charles Underhill is not a happy man. He feels that her brush with the law will reflect badly on him and is of the view that the only reason she got off was because of his reputation as an upstanding citizen. Underhill doesn’t think much of young people, questioning their constant attempt at rebellion. On the way home he has a problem with his car and is assisted by a teenager, Len, who then asks for a ride to the next town. Len is constantly talking about reform school and his “friend” who is good with a knife. …


Alfred Hitchcock presents, T.V. series 1955-1962 Episode. 2.28  “One More Mile to Go”
aired 7 Apr. 1957. Harley-Davidson Hydra Glide

alfred-hitchcock-presents-2-28-one-more-mile-to-goOne More Mile to Go

Sam Jacoby has his wife’s corpse in the trunk of his car, and is menaced by a motorcycle cop, who nags him about a taillight.

Code Two,  movie (1953) Harley-Davidson Hydra Glide

Code Two

The adventures of motorcycle cops, from their academy days, to chasing crooked truckers

Chuck O’Flair and two buddies, Russ Hartley and Harry Whenlon, enter the Los Angeles Police Academy as cadets. Cocky and sure of himself, O’Flair almost gets washed out as unfit material. After they graduate, one of them accidentally stumbles on a gang of black marketeers and is murdered. O’Flair requests the assignment to track down the killer.

earth vs. the Spider, Movie 1958.  Harley-Davidson FL Hydra Glide


earth vs. the Spider

When a man doesn’t come home one night his daughter and her boyfriend go out searching and encounter a giant spider in a cave near the man’s wrecked car. Coming back with the Sheriff, the spider is seemingly killed by DDT spraying, and the body then hauled for storage in the high school gymnasium. However, a loud dose of rock music by a teenage garage band revives the arachnid and sends it rampaging through the town.

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