1964 magazine ad

1964 magazine ad

There are no model changes in 1964. some new features include a primary case breather hole. new oil pressure switch.

last year of the dual point manual advance distributor.

 Here are some great sources for detailed information about Harley Davidson’s 1964 Panhead

How to restore your Harley-Davidson by Bruce Palmer 111

Riding vintage website

the Jocky Journal web forum

hydra-glide.com The panhead and flathead site

The Harley Davidson Panhead service manual 59-69

1964 models
model engine type actual displacement compression factory options
FL sport solo 74 c.i.high compression 73.66 c.i. 7.25:1 ___
FLF sport solo footshift 74 c.i.high compression 73.66 c.i. 7.25:1 F=foot shift
FLH super sport solo 74 c.i. high compression 73.73 c.i. 8.0:1 __
FLHF super sport solo foot shift 74 c.i. high compression 73.73 c.i. 8.0:1 f=footshift

NOTE: the ” F denoting foot shift will not be stamped in serial number.

1964 models available colors
paint stripes speedometer
black _____ black face large silver numbers tombstone shaped  brushed aluminum center
fiesta red _____ _____
*hi-fi red _____ _____
*hi-fi blue
_____ _____
birch white _____ _____
police silver _____ _____

standard paint is two tone with standard color tank top and birch white side panels.

*extra cost hi-fi red, hi-fi blue.

* standard solid color could be ordered at no extra charge.