1956 sales brochure

1956 sales brochure

1956 engine changes include redesigned right crankcase allows oil to be  routed to the top end through an oil pump check valve.
cylinder heads now  have 9 fins on push rod side.
the  FLH gets a bigger cam with higher lift and shorter duration called the victory cam.
The oil tank gets a red v decal on both sides.

Here are some great sources for detailed information about Harley Davidson’s 1956 Panhead

How to restore your Harley-Davidson by Bruce Palmer 111

Riding vintage website

the Jocky Journal web forum

hydra-glide.com The panhead and flathead site

The Harley Davidson Panhead service manual 48-57 rigid

[table caption=”1956 models” width=”1000″ colwidth=”100|50|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
model,engine type,actual displacement,compression,factory options,

FL sport solo,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.25:1,___,

FLF sport solo footshift,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.25:1,F=foot shift,

FLE sport solo traffic combination,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.25:1,E=traffic comb.,
FLEF sport solo traffic combination foot shift,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.25:1,F=foot shift E=traffic comb.,

FLH super sport solo,74 c.i. high compression,73.73 c.i.,8.0:1,__,

FLHF super sport solo foot shift,74 c.i. high compression,73.73 c.i.,8.0:1,f=footshift,

NOTE: the ” F denoting foot shift will not be stamped in serial number.

[table caption=”1956 models available colors” width=”1000″ colwidth=”25|25|25″
*black,_____,Warner speedo is redesigned with italic “Day-Glo” green numbers and hash marks with gold painted center,
*pepper red,_____,_____,

*atomic blue,_____,_____,

*champion yellow,_____,_____,
P police white,_____,_____,
P police silver,_____,_____,

*flamboyant metallic green,_____,_____,



pepper red/white tank panels,_____,_____,


black/champion yellow tank panel,_____,_____,


atomic blue/champion yellow tank panels,_____,_____,

* flamboyant metallic green/white tank panels,_____,_____,


*= extra charge

* =standard color could be ordered without tank panels at no extra charge.

P =police only