1952 sales brochure

In 1952  big additions to the model line up where the ELF and FLF  foot shift models which required the addition of the hand clutch booster otherwise known as the “mouse trap”  EL,ELS,FL and FLS models continued,

Also in 1952. the 32e generator was upgraded to the model 52 2 brush 6 volt. A check valve and screen were added at the side of the rear tappet guide into the oil passage leading to hydraulic lifter units to filter oil before entering hydraulic units and preventing oil in overhead passages from draining back. Exhaust valves were Parkerized to prevent corrosion.

1952 speedometer

1948-1952 speedo

1948-1952 speedo


This speedometer is used from 1948 to 1952


1952 gas tank emblems

tank_emblem51_54Here are some great sources for detailed information about Harley Davidson’s 1952 Panhead

How to restore your Harley-Davidson by Bruce Palmer 111

Riding vintage website

the Jocky Journal web forum

hydra-glide.com The panhead and flathead site

The Harley Davidson Panhead service manual 48-57 rigid

[table caption=”1952 models” width=”1000″ colwidth=”100|50|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|left|right”]
model,engine type,actual displacement,compression,factory options,
EL  sport solo,61 c.i.high compression ,60.32 c.i.,7.0:1,__,
ELS  sidecar twin ,61 c.i.high compression ,60.32 c.i.,7.0:1,S = sidecar gearing,

ELF sport solo foot shift ,61 c.i.high compression ,60.32 c.i.,7.0:1,F = foot shift,

FL  sport solo,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.0:1,__,
FLS side car twin,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.0:1,S = sidecar gearing,

FLF  sport solo foot shift,74 c.i.high compression,73.66 c.i.,7.0:1,F+foot shift,

NOTE: the ” S denoting sidecar gearing will not be stamped in serial number.

NOTE: the ” F denoting foot shift will not be stamped in serial number.

[table caption=”1952 models available colors” width=”1000″ colwidth=”25|25|25″
black,_____,bluish gray center. cream white mph numbers. red indicator,
persian red,_____,_____,

rio blue,_____,_____,

tropical green,_____,_____,

police silver,_____,_____,
marine blue metallic,_____,_____,

bronco bronze metallic,_____,_____,