The yearly subscription fee for a business directory listing using any motorcycle related category is only $500.00 (all categories except “non motorcycle” and “non profit”) and includes a free text or banner ad placement on this site.

Non profit and charitable organizations ads using “non profit” category  will be listed free after approval.and must include a sponsor link to “”. on their webpage. listing includes a free text or banner ad placement on this site.

Non motorcycle related ads must use “non motorcycle” category. the fee is $370.00 per 30 days.and include a free text or banner ad listing on this site. directory listing will not be visible.

If you have any question about our directory
If you need  help or support using our directory.
If you need a category or tags added to suit your business.
Please email us at

Add your listing.

You must be registered on this site to add a listing.

Go to directory page. Click submit a listing.

Select category for your listing from drop down menu. (directory 1)

Select yearly subscription and click continue. (directory 2)

Submit a listing. Listing information.

Form fields that are not required will not display if not used. You can choose what information you want to display.

business name– is a required. Field displays left of logo on listing page (directory 2)

tags-select one or more tags for your listing from the drop down menu. (directory 2)

address field– is intended  For a complete address-not required. Displays left of logo on listing page (directory 2)

phone-not required. Displays left of logo on your listing page (directory 2)

cell phone-not required. Displays left of logo on your  listing page (directory 2)

fax-not required. Displays left of logo on your listing page (directory 2)

website-not required. Displays left of logo on your listing page enter web address here (directory 3)

email-not required. Displays left of logo on your listing page. (directory 3)

address and info-not required. Displays below contact info or displays left of logo in place of contact fields

directory 4

directory 4

on your listing page left of logo if contact fields are not used. address and info field can be styled with html. If you would like to style your address and contact info with html, you can leave the contact info fields blank and display the contact info using address and info field. If you would like to display other information below the contact info and above the long description use the contact form fields and address and info field.(directory 4)

short description-required. Displays left of logo on directory listings page. Can be styled with html  (directory 4)

long description title-not required. Can be styled with html. (directory 4)

long business description-required. Can be styled with html. (directory 4)

map address-if you want a map in your listing, enter your complete address here. It is important that

address is complete and correct to properly display your location on the map. Leave blank if you do not want a map displayed. Map displays at bottom of listing. (directory 4)

Free ad

text ad field– If you want a free text ad display on our site, place ad text here.(directory 5)

Link url: place the link url for your ad here . (directory 5)

 ad Image upload
inages should be either 728×90 pixel .jpg leader board or 180×150 pixel .jpg rectangle

please provide one of each for maximum exposure.

ad image-upload your ad image here. Browse to select ad image from your files and upload.

directory 5

directory 5

(directory 5)

You can create your own image here for free in minutes.

listing images- this is the image up loader for your directory listing. Browse for images on your computer

directory 6

directory 6

and upload. Select one image as your logo. This image will be displayed on directory listing page and at the top right of your listing page as your logo. Images not selected as your logo will be displayed as a medium sized  gallery below your business long description and will open to full size when clicked. Please use images  at least 300×300 px and have them open in new window linked to media file. Continue to payment. (directory 6)



Styling your Listing

Fields that allow html.  address and info, short description,  long description title, long business description. can easily be styled and edited using a html editor.

Here is a free online editor.

Edit and style your listing in the visual mode then click the source button to view the html code (editor1)

Copy and paste source code into the desired field.(editor 2). Use the source button to toggle between edit views.


Select paypal payment method. continue to payment page select buy now button.(directory 7) (directory 8)


submission receivedthis means your directory submission was successful and has been submitted for review. All submissions will be reviewed and published as soon as possible. You will then be able to view and edit your listing. (directory 9)

directory 9

directory 9


Your payment will not be accepted by until your listing has been reviewed and published. You don’t pay till your published!

About subscription fee.

Yearly subscription fee will automatically renew at the end of the subscription period (one year)

a renewal notice will be sent 5 days before renewal date.

You can unsubscribe at any time. your subscription will continue until the original expiration date.

To unsubscribe

Go to your paypal account profile. select “my money” select “update”  my pre-approved  payments (img paypal 1)

Select “justpanhead directory” from the list. (img paypal 2) on billing detals page select ‘cancel’

(img paypal 3)